My name is Ali Amer Tweel, I work as an IT Manager for an Oil & Gas company in Tripoli the capital city of my country Libya.

So you do not understand Arabic ?

It’s very hard for me to blog using Arabic and English, so I dedicated my blog for Arabic speakers only, I hope you don’t feel offended by this.

But since you are here, let me tell you what is this blog all about, in short words, this is a personal blog, I’m blogging here about everything such as my diary, general thoughts, manners and many other things happens around me, you can see that I have few videos, those videos are my first Video-casting, might be the first video-casts in Libya, I speak about how to protect yourself from viruses, how to backup your data properly, respecting time and how to choose things in life, pretty much everything interest me I speak about it.

I was active during the Libyan war via twitter using @AliTweel sending news, photos and videos about what is really happening in Libya and Tripoli, so I had to change my name to @TrablesVoice to avoid being detected by Gaddafi’s agents but I changed back to my real name when Tripoli freed.

Any way you can use Google translation feature to read my blog, we all know it’s not accurate translation, but at least it could give you an overview about what those strange Arabic letters means!

If you’re interested to know my professional profile you can visit my Linkedin public page, also writing a comment “below” is more than welcomed.

Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

Best Wishes,

Ali Tweel


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  1. Hi Ali

    how are you and your family i hope that you are all alright

    i think it is great to have a blog both in Arabic and English so you can have more readers to you lovely blog

    keep it up man

    thank you

  2. (I’v tried to send this as a private message but it wouldn’t go

    Dear Ali,
    I can understand how hard it will be to run a blog in both languages. so may i suggest that i help you translate.

    If there are certain posts you would like to have in English, i could translate them for you… give it a thought!

    And let me know..

    good luck

  3. Glad you are here doing this, and all that you do and have done. I liked reading the TED summary from Google translate, it was somewhat understandable and a bit amusing as well. ( @LibyaUprisingAr ).

(حرية النقد والرد متاحة للجميع شرط أن يكون تعليقك ضمن الموضوع وخالي من الكلمات البذيئة)

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